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As society develops,more and more girls accept the grafting korea silk individual eyelash extensions , but there are still some people who are hesitant about if graft the eyelash .Do i need graft my eyelash ?
First of all, I think that every girl, as well as every woman, as long as she grafts eyelashes, it can be said that there is no bad looking eye, because it will enlarge the eyes, put eyes very dark, particularly divine, very beautiful.
The second point, lazy people make up method, grafting the silk individual eyelash extensions really super convenient, basic need not look line, some may eye end, also don't draw, because after eyelash line is bringing the effect, of course, also do not need painting eyelash, here to emphasize that it is better to don't put on mascara, because can make eyelash stick in a bit, bad to discharge, even removing, eyelash also lost itself manner with root trenchant root, and no need to do so. Lower eyelashes have not grafted ,except
The third point, avoid embarrassing, not afraid of the wind, not afraid of water, do not worry about false eyelashes will fall, and compared with sticky false eyelashes, grafting the korea silk individual eyelash extensions should be incomparably natural, do not worry about faint makeupMink Fur Eyelash Extension suppliers
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